Aftermarket engine conversion kit information

How To adapt your CT70 to an aftermarket CHP replacement engine

Wiring harness, used with motor conversion for vintage CT70 and Z50 applications.  Look at and choose the 6- volt kit #449 or the 12Volt kit #452   Each can be used with the #P940  70cc Automatic, #P947 70cc manual, and the #P949 88cc Automatic engine.   In the customer memo field list the year of your CT70 or Z50, and the model.  Ko, K1, K2, K3, K4 for a plug and play harness and pictured accessories for your bike.  An easy-to-follow color coded instruction sheet will come with the motor Conversion harness.  You can always call the tech for help with your purchase if needed.


Before picking out your New replacement engine there are a few decisions to make

What size cc engine best fits your retromod

Will your restoration retain the 6Volt system

Do you know the exact year & series of your CT70 (we will need to know the exact year of your CT70 to correctly create your New engines wiring)


SKU: 449
Conversion kit for, 12 Volt CDI motor to 6 Volt
$ 86.80 $ 69.44

SKU: 452
Conversion kit for a NEW 12 Volt CDI motor RETAINING 12 Volt operating system
$ 94.80 $ 75.84

Insufficient stock

SKU: 449-6V
Conversion kit for Z50 K2 – 1999, 12 Volt CDI Motor, no battery with prevision for lights. 6 volt kit
$ 72.85 $ 58.28

SKU: 449-12V
Conversion kit for Z50 K3 – 1999, 12 Volt CDI Motor, no battery with prevision for lights. 12volt kit ( includes both 12v bulbs)
$ 74.85 $ 59.88




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