BFS CT70 K1, Candy Ruby Red

CT70 K1, Candy Ruby Red. We took this bike in on trade from one of our customers. It was sold to him as a restored bike. The bike has a nice paint job but there are a couple of scratches on it now.

The bike had quite a few issues when we took the bike in and we addressed all of the mechanical issues and corrected all of the issues that this bike with the exception of the incorrect seat that was installed by the person that restored the bike. We are trying to keep the price of this bike as low as we can so we did not replace the seat. The seat itself is in very nice condition, just incorrect for this year bike. If you purchase this bike, we will sell you the correct seat at a deep discount.

We totally restored/rebuilt the motor, splitting the cases and rebuilding every aspect of the motor. Installed a new carb. rebuilt the stator, tuned out the motor and jetted the carb as well as removing the the cheap Chinese muffler kit that was installed on this bike and replaced it with our CHP Performance muffler assy and all of the heat shields.

We also went through all of the electrical system and replaced all of the worn or non functional devices. Everything on this bikes works as it should now and should have been built this way for the first owner.

If you need a list of the build-of-material work sheet on this bike, please contact us and we will email you a copy of our work sheet to bring this bike back to a very nice bike.


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