I started this build for my self about 10 years ago and life simply got in the way and I finished this about 3 years ago. I had one of our very good customers purchase this bike as he simply wanted a one off bike that not everyone else had.

As you can see the bike is absolutely beautiful and I believe that I had more than 6k in plating bills from this build. I had the same company that does the plating work for the TV SHOW OVERHAULING do all of this plating on this bike. Artistic Silver Plating in Calf. they are good but they are not cheap.

This collector has had this bike in his office for the past 3 years and now his collecting has taken a different turn and he has asked me to list this bike for sale for him. I know that he does not need the money so I do not think that the bike will be bought cheap. This is a unique bike and he understands that it will not appeal to everyone but for the collector looking for that one of a kind bike, this might just be the one that you are looking for. The bike is BRAND NEW with less than 5 minutes of run time on it, that we did here at our shop to make sure that every thing on the bike operated properly.

I remember as a kid in the 60’s and early 70’s there was a bike that I always wanted and it was called an English Racer 10 speed and it was all chrome and I thought that was simply the most beautiful bike that I had ever seen. Well I guess that stuck with me longer than I thought because when I started this build for myself all those years ago, that English Racer was my inspiration. I love the original bikes with their candy colors and I have always wondered why Honda only built a Z50 CHROME SPECIAL and not a CT70 version, well Honda, we did it for you.

If you have any questions about the bike, send them to us and I will get back to you with what ever you need. Take a look at the pictures and if there is any other pictures that you might need , let me know and I will get them to you. The bike is currently located in Houston, in a down town office high rise. When and if it comes down to pricing and purchasing the bike, I will simply connect you with the owner and you both can discuss that. The owner has informed me that if the bike does not sell, he might consider taking it to the Mecum Auction next year in Vegas.

Asking Price $15,000.00

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