BFS CT70 H KO Original Shriner Bike, 1690 miles, Emerald Green with Title

CT70 H KO, Emerald Green, Original Condition Shriner Bike, 1690 Miles with Title.

We made a recent purchase of original Shriner bikes, the majority of these original bikes are CT70 H KO, Emerald Green bikes with less than 1900 miles on them. Please look at the pictures that we have listed showing the condition of the bikes when we first purchased these beauties. We took the bikes apart and cleaned and inspected everything to make sure that the bikes are ready for another 40 years. We did not repaint anything, we only replaced the items that were absolutely necessary to make the bike street worthy.

As you can see the Shriners did some custom work on these bikes when they purchased them back in 1970. They removed the original stickers and side badges and chrome plated the foot peg assembly as well as the chain guard and installed a windshield and luggage racks. The rims were also chrome plated but the plating had started to flake off so we wheelabrated the rims halves and painted them with cloud silver paint. We were able to remove all of the shriner badging and install the correct CT70 H KO main body stickers as well as the aluminum side badges. There was no fading of the paint as these bikes only saw daylight during parades. There are some small nicks and imperfection but the bike is really nice original bike. Please inspect all of the pictures to see the beautiful condition of this bike. They are only original one time.

We spent around 10 hours of labor going over this bike. The following are items that we had to replace to get the bike in this condition. New items are as follows: Carb/tube/spark plug/oil/clean oil filter/sealed battery/battery cover/taillight bulb/main body sticker/side badges/handle bars/dimmer switch/handle bar grommets/sheathing/battery strap/cable ties/Complete Seat/fuel line/throttle cable/shifter shaft seal/Stator Kit/speedo cable/speedo seal to headlight bucket/chain. For some reason one of the Shriners had a 37 tooth rear sprocket on this bike and we left it on, which give it a little more top and do not seem to effect the performance of the bike.

The bikes starts and runs fantastic.

If you have any question about this bike any other of the shriner bikes that we will be listing , please do not hesitate to reach out. Price $4587.00 SOLD


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