BFS CT70 H KO Topaz Orange, ORIGINAL Bike

CT70 H KO, Original Paint Bike with Texas Title. We took this bike in on trade this past summer and just now cleaned it up and replaced the MUST needed items to make this bike nice and safe for riding.

We did not restore this bike and only replaced the items that had to be replaced keeping as much of this bike original as you can while also making the bike presentable and safe for riding. We did completely tear this bike down to bare bones and polish out all of the painted items by hand. Replaced all of the hardware with new correct marked vintage hardware through out the entire bike. Please take a look at all of the pictures of this bike as the front forks have scratches on them on the right fork leg and there are other imperfections but over-all this is a very clean original paint bike with low millage.

The motor was in good condition and needed very little repair to make it purr like a kitten again. We rebuild the stator as well as the removed both engine side covers and vatted out the lower end. Rebuild the top end of the motor as well but we did not split the cases, as it was not needed. Replaced all of the fasteners, washers, and miscellaneous hardware on the motor as well as installing and tuning out a new carb, air box boots and filter. The bike runs perfect as it did when originally purchased.

Here is a list of most of the items that replaced when we made this bike ready.

  1. Handel bars
  2. All oil seals in engine
  3. Ignition timing rebuild kit
  4. Piston kit
  5. Intake and exhaust valves
  6. Complete gasket set
  7. Grip set
  8. Throttle assy kit
  9. Lever set
  10. Dimmer switch
  11. Horn button
  12. Main body stickers
  13. Cable set for H model
  14. Fork extensions
  15. Tires and tubes
  16. Correct wheel hardware
  17. Blasted and painted rims
  18. Replaced the wheel bearings as well as all seals
  19. Fork boots
  20. Fork caps
  21. Fork seals
  22. Chain and sprockets
  23. Carburetor
  24. Air box boots
  25. Air Filter
  26. Spark plug guard
  27. Skid plate
  28. Steering bearing upgrade
  29. Stainless CHP Muffler
  30. Muffler guards and shields
  31. Seat latch
  32. Gel Battery
  33. Battery top cover
  34. Fuel Cap

This bike is a CT70 H KO, Topaz Orange, 4-speed with a manual clutch. If you have been around these little Honda CT70’s you know how difficult it is to locate the “H” models, 4-speed with a manual clutch, any longer. This bike is a clean original bike and is ready to ride.

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