BFS CT70 KO WITH TITLE, Candy Ruby Red, ORIGINAL Bike 235260

CT70 KO, WITH TITLE, Candy Ruby Red, Original Bike. We purchased about 10 bikes in one buy from a customer and this is one of these bikes. We went through each of the bikes to insure that they would all run and ride for the new owner. Some of these bikes we replaced seats, tires handle bars, cables, what ever we needed to get the bike usable. We did not restore these bikes as we wanted to keep the cost as low as we could for each. We do understand that each and every aspect of these bikes might not be correct or perfect but we are not selling them as such.

We have performed the needed service so that each one of these bikes is ready to ride, so please look closely at all of the pictures and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out. We also offer a 10% on parts, for this bike only, to anyone who purchases one of these CT70’s.

This bike is a CT70 KO, WITH TITLE, Candy Ruby Red, automatic with a 3 speed transmission. At some time during the life of this bike, you can see that it spent time at the legendary Racer, Eddie Hills Dealership. We have left this bike cosmetically just as it appeared when it arrived in our possession. Many people love the history of these little bikes and leaving all of the stickers from years gone by just adds character. This bike is a clean original bike and is ready to ride. We have changed the oil, installed a new carb, set the valves and the bike runs nice.

Asking Price $2,695.00, sale PENDING


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