BFS SL70, Blue unrestored original ($4900) OBO

SL70 KO, Blue unrestored original, a really super nice original condition bike. I bought this bike years ago from a customer who had this inside of his house on display in his home office. The bike has one of the rare optioned Speedo’s.  Still has the ORIGINAL MUFFLER in excellent condition, no dents and no road rash. Starts and runs great. By looking at all of the detail about this bike, I believe the miles on the speedo. The only thing that we did to this bike was to rebuild the carb, install new points and a plug and painted the muffler.

The tank is really really nice with no dents and only a couple of very small blems, as you can see in the pictures. The front fender has some very very small areas around the fender mount and you can see a red color underneath. Not sure if this was done at the factory and this front fender was originally red or not but the paint matches SPOT ON, 100% PERFECT to all of the other pieces of this bike and it is old paint that appears to have been done at the factory. I would say that this is original and this is how the bike was purchased back in the day, it simply matches all of the other aspects of the bike to well t be anything else. This does not distract from the beauty of this bike but we try to be very picky about mentioning all aspects of our bikes that we list to make sure that there is full disclosure about anything that we spot.

I am not an SL70 expert but I have been involved in the mini bike world for more than 30 years and I believe that everything on this bike is original. I would not touch this bike,  just display it and enjoy it.

With clear Texas Title.($4900) OBO  Please feel free to make on offer.

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