BFS Custom Kyota Styled to look like The Iconic Honda Ct70

Custom Kyota Styled to look like The Iconic Honda Ct70,

We built this Frankenstein bike so that we could test out new parts and products and have some fun. This little bike has a 108cc motor with an automatic 4 speed tranny. It is a blast to ride and very quick, runs around 55mph with a 190lb adult on board.

As you can see this little bike has a disc brake front and rear as well as hydraulic front suspension and aluminum rear swing arm. I can not remember the size of the fuel tank but as you can see from the pictures , it is huge and takes up virtually all of the frame space under the seat. We also added a trick little dual exhaust system as well as OEM Honda stickers to give it that CT70 KO look.

We do not currently have a title for this bike as this is something that we put together from our parts bin.

The mileage on the bike is correct and reflects the limited amount of time that we have put on this little bike in the past 3 years, not much as you can see.


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