We started a new program that we feel will make it much easier for the customer to clearly see the cost of shipping each order.

Domestic Flat rate shipping will be based on the order amount. The information listed below will not apply to ANY ORDER OUTSIDE OF THE CONTINENTAL US. There will be a flat rate shipping amount associated with each level of purchases and heavy or bulky items will have added shipping amount. We have listed the tabular break down of the dollar mounts listed below as well as the items that carry extra shipping based on the OVER-SIZE or weight of these objects.

  • Orders $0.00 – $35.00, shipping $7.95
  • Orders $35.01 – $60.99, shipping $9.95
  • Orders $69.01 – $150.00, shipping $13.95
  • Orders $150.01 – $250.00, shipping $16.95
  • Orders $250.01 – $375.00, shipping $18.95
  • Orders $375.01 – UP, shipping $20.50

The items listed below are examples of items that are either bulky or heavy and would have added shipping associated with them. These added shipping fees will be added to the flat rate shipping listed above.

  • Batteries, $1.00
  • Seats, $3.00
  • Tires, $3.50
  • Motor caddy or engine cradle, $4.00
  • Mufflers, $6.00
  • Motors, $18.00

Fed Ex ground shipping with $100.00 of insurance and automated tracking. The customer can add more insurance to his or her order at the time of the order for an extra charge of $1.00/$100.00 value of the order, this is the responsibility of the customer if they desire to add more insurance. Some larger orders with multi box shipments might also have extra charges for the extra handling and processing of your order. Faster shipping is available upon request of the customer.

Our Company policy is to ship each order with in 4 days of the order date. We reserve the right to either issue a refund for any out of stock item or place this item on back-order status so that the customer’s order can be shipped. Any back-ordered item can be canceled and a refund issues to the customers account at the customer’s request. Each back ordered item will be shipped out to the customer at the earliest convenience. Any item that has been canceled will need to be re-ordered by the customer, and will constitute a new order and be treated as such.

International orders will need to be submitted to CHP Motorsports for quotation. All orders shipped to Canada will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail. All other International orders will also be shipped via USPS Priority Mail unless the customer request Special Shipping carrier. CHP Motorsports Inc. is not responsible for any Taxes or Duties that might be due with your shipment. Any and all duties and Taxes will be the responsibility of the customer. All of the USPS Priority Mail shipments will have NO INSURANCE unless the customer requests this to be added to his or her order. There are some destination locations that Insurance is not available.

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