Triple clamp with knobs, billet aluminum

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Triple clamp with knobs, billet aluminum

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Triple Clamp with Knobs. Heavy duty construction, Billet Aluminum with Billet aluminum knobs. Precision made clamp with removable bar
mounts. If you are building a custom bike with one of the hydraulic front ends and still want to retain your fold down bars, this is the missing link that you
would need.  Although some of the center must be removed to clear the Steering Stem Nut, (the mounting parameters are listed in the picture, 100mm spread on the mounting holes and the holes are 10mm threaded holes), allowing this to fit perfectly with our C204 front end..

FITMENT NOTE: If you desire to run stock fold down bars with this clamp, you will need to trim the anchor end of the bar per the attached pictures. Cut the bar to just before the welded in nut, that is internally welded in place. Do not cut the bar so far that you cut off the welds for the internal nut.

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 8 in

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