Cable, Rear Brake, 1973 Elsinore CR250M NON-OE

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Cable, Rear Brake, 1973 Elsinore CR250M NON-OE

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Honda 1973 Elsinore CR250M Rear Brake Cable Re-manufactured Rear
Brake cables for the 1973 CR250M Elsinore. This cable has
been reproduced from the original cable, as shown in the picture. Comes with
new rubber seals to insure extended operation with out filling with
contaminants as well as correct machined ends on both ends of the cable to
insure proper engagement with all of your mounting brackets and added wear
guard on the outer sheathing to help resist the rubbing, all of the features
that you had on the original cable as well as the correct appearance. We had
these cables manufactured from a High Quality Cable manufacture in Japan
because we became tired of buying incorrect cables during our restorations that
were assembled in some ones garage at a bench vise (home made). Extremely heavy gauge construction.

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