Battery Box, CT70, Heavy gauged stamped steel with rubber grommets

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New, CHP Battery box for the CT70 KO – K2, and can also be used for the K3 – 1982 square battery. Heavy gauged stamped steel construction and painted for long life. Box comes with all 5 grommets needed for the K0 – k2 battery as well as the anchor tab for mounting the rectifier and stub for attaching the later model blinker flasher. This same box is made to fit the square battery box that was made for the K3 – 1982 CT70 as well. For the K3 – 1982 , you will need to order the battery box liner. Please check all of the pictures for more precise details . This is the easy button for bringing your bike back to life as so many of the battery boxes back in the day were simply discarded. Now buy a brand new box that is ready for your restored bike or a rider for half of the price of a used box.

Note: When purchasing this box for the rectangular battery used in the KO – K2, you do NOT need to purchase the battery liner.

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