Muffler, CT70 KO, Stainless Steel, CHP Non-OE

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Muffler, CT70 KO, Stainless Steel, CHP Non-OE

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Muffler for the CT70 KO and HKO. Heavy duty STAINLESS STEEL construction with 20% better flow than the stock OEM design. This design allows for the use of the stock OEM guards exactly like the Honda version of this muffler and also incorporates the removable baffle as well as spark arrester technology. Not forestry approved. With the improved design, and 20% more flow, this muffler application works great with the 88cc bore kits. If you have a larger bore than 88cc , please check out our Performance model of this same muffler which works up to 180cc motors, item # C89-1P.

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