Fastener kit for CT70 Frame and wheels, LATE VERSION FOR LATE KO’S through 1981 MODELS.

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Fastener kit for CT70 Frame and wheels, LATE DESIGN, for frame and wheels

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Honda CT70 Rebuild kit, VINTAGE FASTENER, LATE DESIGN, for frame and wheels. 166 pcs, with the Late design head for the rims with a cost of only $0.55/each for correctly marked re-manufactured vintage GRADE 8 fasteners. Each kit will come with each fastener marked in the sketches with a exploded view sheet with each fastener marked with its location for clear and precise location. We re-tooled and manufactured all of the vintage hardware for the
Honda CT70’s as well as the Z50 and all other Vintage Honda motorcycles.
Correct markings on the heads of the bolts, as well as the correct size and
thickness washers and nuts. These are not SAE washers and nuts, they are
Japanese washer and nut which are larger and thicker than the ASE ones that you
will find here in the states. The 8mm Nut are uniquely designed and sized to
fit properly inside of the CT70 hubs to secure the rim halves to the hub.
Correct “8” markings on the 6mm bolts as well, zinc plated, all fasteners are
GRADE 8 and NEW, no old re-used items here. If you need to order multiples of
this kit or any other length 6mm or 8mm bolts, please email or phone and we
will combine shipping and or put together what you need.

  1. Kit contains the following:
  2. Bolts:
  3. 6mm x 6mm, qty 1
  4. 6mm x 10mm, qty 14
  5. 6mm x 12mm, qty 8
  6. 6mm x 16mm, qty 14
  7. 6mm x 25mm, qty 1
  8. 6mm x 36mm, qty 1
  9. 8mm x 16mm, qty 3
  10. 8mm x 25mm, qty 2
  11. 8mm x 20mm, qty 1
  12. 8mm x 25mm, qty 8
  13. Nuts:
  14. 6mm, qty 19
  15. 6mm, locking, qty 2
  16. 8mm, qty 3
  17. 8mm, wheel hub, qty 8
  18. Washers:
  19. 6mm, qty 33
  20. 6mm , locking, qty 29
  21. 8mm, qty 3
  22. 8mm, locking, qty 1

This is the kit
that we have put together, you the customer, might want to add other items to
this kit for your build, this is meant to be a good starter kit and in many
instances it will serve as a complete kit for your restoration. If you wish to
add other items to this kit, you can pick the items from the list of fasteners
listed above. Click the picture listed to the right, for a very view of items
included in this kit.

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