Seal , round end cap

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Seal for airbox end caps. Non-OE replacement.

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Seal for airbox end caps. Non-OE replacement, manufactured from our own new tooling. Crisp lines and exact dimensions, not off of a Chinese copy bike. These seals were originally glued to the
inside of both chrome end caps, item C22. Click the exploded view that we have provided to see the exact location of these seals. If you buy a new air box , the newer version of the air box will have some seals glued on both and of the box and will not need these seals for the end caps. If you are using your old stock original air box, a good seal is essential and these seal are needed in good order. A new air box is shown below with the newer seals in place.

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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 in

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