Headlight assy, CT 70 KO, Candy Gold, Non-OE

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Headlight assy, CT 70 KO, Candy Gold, Non-OE

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Honda CT70 KO, Headlight assy and Headlight bucket, AFTER-MARKET, Candy GOLD. This is one of the nicest headlight buckets that you will find, as nice and as well manufactured as the Honda unit. This kits contains the same headlight bucket that we are also selling alone but this kit includes a nice after-market headlight assy as well. The headlight assy has a nice chrome headlight bezel as well as a high impact plastic headlight lens just like all of the modern cars on the rode today. The buckets have been custom made WITH THE METAL SPACERS at the mounting holes and you do not need to trim anything on this bucket. Injection molded plastic unit with color matched CANDY GOLD, which is the hardest of the CT70 KO colors to locate. This item receives are “A” rating for quality, meaning as good or better than Honda. Note that this headlight assy only has a single plug in on the BLUE wire and some require a DUAL (DUPLEX) plug in. If you need a DUPLEX terminal end, please let us know and we will provide one for you so that you can install it yourself.  A 5mm screw is required.  We sell SKU #S05012 if needed.

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