Manual, Shop, Z50 KO-K2

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Manual, Shop, Z50 KO-K2

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Manual, Shop, Z50 K1-K2. Shop Manual, New sharper pictures at a reduced and new lower cost. This manual covers most of the general maintenance that you would need to perform on your mini trail. This covers items as simple as adjusting your
brakes to as complete as rebuilding your bottom end of your motor with a
schematic of the transmission stack up. This manual will not have all of the
part numbers for your individual pieces of your bike, you are looking for part
numbers to all of the pieces of your bike, you would need the PARTS MANUAL,
listed below. The motors are essentially the same from the KO model to the 1980 model, so this manual will show you all of the correct procedures for rebuilding your motor for any of the years from 1968 through 1980.  Does not have stator installation or points adjustment information or diagrams.

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