Boot, Rubber air box intake

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Boot, Rubber air box intake. attaches to rear of air box and fits up inside of frame.

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Rubber Air box intake boot. For The Honda CT70, New out of our own tooling, this injection molded rubber boot for the rear of your air box. Secures to the rear of the air box with the molded locking seal. This has never been a replacement part that could be purchased from Honda and you have been forced to purchase a new air box to obtain this part, well not any longer. We have built our own tooling and re-manufactured this boot to 100% original and correct, down to the water drain hole molded inside of the boot. This hole is a very small detail but a most important one that guarantees water will drain out of this boot and not flow into your air box and destroy your motor. We understand that this is a small detail but with all of the CHP products, we strive to deliver the highest of quality and most correct parts are the most competitive price. Please note that this is the rear boot alone, doers not include the inner restrictor that was glued to the inside on some of the earlier CT70’s.

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