BFS CT70 KO Original 137 Miles

CT70 KO 100% ORIGINAL WITH 137 MILES!!! Yes, you read that correctly, 137 ORIGINAL MILES on this bike and unlike most of the original bikes that you see people trying to sell on ebay with beautiful motor cases and no paint off of the foot pegs, you will not find that here. We have left EVERY SINGLE THING just way it has been since day 1. This bike has small scratches and oxidation on the side cases of the motor, just as they all should have no matter how the bikes was stored, you can not keep this from happening, no matter what some people say, time and chemistry can not be stopped with out modification to the surface some how some way, like a repaint. If you are looking for a collector quality investment, this is the bike that you are looking for and can be used a judging standard for original build quality bikes, that is what we use it for. The luggage rack on the back is one of the original racks that was offered at the local Honda shop back in the day and has been installed on the bike since day 1. We did remove the rack to inspect for the marking on the original racks and this one is the real deal. In order to keep the bike a time capsule, we left the rack on the bike as this is how this beauty has lived its entire life so who are we to change it. Please look at all of the pictures and if you see anything that you need to ask us, please do not hesitate to ask. As you can tell from the price that I have put on this bike, I do not care to really sell the bike and I know what bikes like this go for as there are not many left 100% original in this condition.

Once again you are looking at a Unicorn, a ultra low mileage original bike like this is almost impossible to locate any longer. Most of these bikes were given to kids back in the day and most them look that way when found, an old dis-guarded kids toy that has been played with and destroyed. This is not a restored bike that you can purchase at multiple locations for half price, including our site, this is a glimpse back in to time. You have seen the large car collector auctions where an original example of a vintage muscle car will bring sometimes 3 times what a restored one will bring. This would not be a bike that you would purchase to ride, if you are in the market for that, please check our our other rider quality bikes as well as our restored bikes. We also offer trade ins on our restored bikes as well as on some of our rider quality bikes, simply ask us.

Asking Price $9,900.00

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